Scrylight is an Augmented Reality Ghost Hunt Horror experience utilising cutting edge augmented reality technology powered by Niantic Lightship (Pokemon Go), Scrylight offers players an unparalleled ghost hunting experience unlike any other. Utilising the camera of the player’s smart device allowing game play in limitless locations. Interaction is at the key of Scrylight and our technology allows players the means to communicate directly with a multitude of spirits via their smart device microphone. The more evidence captured, the more chance of winning an entity’s trust and solving the mystery of each ghosts’ haunting and ‘banishing’ them to the netherworld.

Each ghost banished allows a chance of moving onto the next entity, with a series of ‘bosses’ guarding a range of individual locations. With literally limitless possibilities of hauntings thanks to Scrylight’s own ghost spawning mechanism the ‘ScryEngine’ a custom built engine which creates unique ghosts dependent on the geographical location of the smart device. Play a game near the coast and expect to encounter ghostly sailors alongside an undead pirate. Or maybe you’ll take a hunt near a theatre and run into one it’s ghostly actors. The encounters are quite literally, limitless.

But most unsettling of all, Scrylight’s unique connect-ability with smart devices including Smart Lights and Smart Doorbells, ghosts can haunt players in real world scenarios, activating real world devices.

The game is no longer confined to your device…

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