Dare you take on the haunted terrors that reside within each Photoghast?

Photoghast is a 42 card set with 30 Augmented Reality Photoghast character cards and 12 action cards.

The assigned dealer, shuffles and subsequently splits the pack by the set number of players (up to 4) laying the cards face down. The 30 Photoghast cards are split into the equal number of players playing. With each player also dealt a set number of ‘action cards.’ Then, the dealer launches the Photoghast app on their phone.

Once the game begins, each player takes turns in scanning their cards in the allocated time in the hope of exorcising or ‘fading’ each photo. Exorcise as many ghosts as possible. But beware, that camera shutter can stick, allowing more ghosts to be scanned by your opponent. Or even worse, you might scan the wrong card unleashing the ghost trapped inside.

Each card has its own point value system and every time one is scanned it’s very own custom animation will be triggered.

Oh and here’s the scary part. Play the game after 9pm and you run the risk of disturbing the original Photographer, which adds additional dangers. There’s a ‘safe’ mode to allow you to play the game as usual after 9pm.

The game ends when the decks have been exhausted. The player who has exorcised the most ghosts wins.

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