Scrylight is an Augmented Reality Ghost Hunt Horror experience utilising cutting edge augmented reality technology powered by Niantic Lightship (Pokemon Go), Scrylight offers players an unparalleled ghost hunting experience unlike any other. Utilising the camera of the player’s smart device allowing game play in limitless locations. Interaction is at the key of Scrylight and our […]

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Early Haunts

The ghost story, one of the oldest forms of narrative which has terrified and intrigued audiences for millennia. Now four early ghost stories, mostly forgotten in the depths of literary history are brought together for the first time in one graphic novel adaptation. Early Haunts collates four early supernatural tales which each inspired some of

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Dare you take on the haunted terrors that reside within each Photoghast? Photoghast is a 42 card set with 30 Augmented Reality Photoghast character cards and 12 action cards. The assigned dealer, shuffles and subsequently splits the pack by the set number of players (up to 4) laying the cards face down. The 30 Photoghast

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